Gentrification expands to Bushwick among high crime statistics

Bushwick Neighborhood
Crime in Brooklyn up since last year

On February 17th, a pregnant woman who was picking her child up from school at P.S. 384 Frances E. Carter school in Bushwick was shot in the chest by an ex-husband. The incident occurred in front of the school, and adds to the recent events of crime that have been evident in the neighborhood known to be one of the leaders of the gentrification movement of Brooklyn.

Many of the people who are moving into this neighborhood, including 23-year-old Tampa, Florida native, Stephen Nuccio, enjoy the neighborhood and it’s diverse population. But as Stephen is very aware of, is the fact that these towns are dangerous and he must always stand guard to protect himself from people who think he doesn’t belong.

The latest crime statistics state that crime in Bushwick has overall declined since 2001, but has doubled in homicides since last year. Cases of rape, sexual assaults, and petite larceny have all generally increased since the previous year, although the numbers are significantly lower than that of 12-years-ago, where the homicide rate reached its peak of 77. In 1990, the overall crime evaluation reached a epic high of 7, 412 cases, peaking in robbery, burglary, and assault.

Many of the recent shootings involve the re-emergence of violent gang activity in the inner city neighborhoods. The shooting of plainclothes officer, Kevin Brennan, by 21-year-old Luis Ortiz of the Latin Kings gang is the most recent of attack involving a known gang member in the neighborhood of Bushwick. The objective of police to rid the streets of dangerous and violent gang activity is of top priority in Bushwick.

“The reason the FBI places such a high priority on gang investigations is the extreme violence gangs so often commit. They allegedly show no apparent concern for bystanders, and bystanders are seriously hurt as a consequence,” said Assistant Director-in-Charge Fedarcyk in a press release regarding the arrests of the gang members.

Hopefully, they can further protect people like Stephen Nuccio, who appreciate the beauty of Brooklyn, and not the crime.


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