Poem on Sarai

Whimsical Evanescence in Periwinkle Dreams

sarai sierraA girl in a foreign place, embracing the land.

To follow a dream, alone I stand.

Sitting beneath the bridges awaiting the entrance of the night.

I take pictures and capture the beauty of sight.

I am alone, and yet bewildered by this beautiful place.

Alone I stand, in a foreign place.

My dreams are what bring me, I live them with every breath.

My name is Sarai, and I will not fear death.

The sky is opening and the pictures tear away.

I embrace the night’s sky, for I can no longer stay.

My duty here is done, my dreams linger in my art.

I have fulfilled my life’s purpose, leaving within it my mark.

My name is Sarai, and my legacy will stay.

In your hearts, you’ll remember my story and that fateful day.


Gone too soon, taken way before your time.

When I have a daughter, one…

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