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“The minute news hits the wires, it becomes a conversation. It’s just a question of how high [the] volume [of] that conversation will become.” Doug Frisbie
It only took a 14-minute trailer of an American film depicting anti-Islamic views to insight aggressive riots In the Middle East.
Future protests are set to occur in Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt and Tunisia, with the blunt of the violence claiming the lives of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and other affiliates. Protestors slammed down the doors of the Embassy, according to the AP, chanting, “Death to America” and “There is not God, but Allah.”
The films producer is choosing to remain anonymous, despite the public outcry that is being received over the film. In an interview with the AP, a man who claims to be the producer of the film blames the violence at the U.S. Embassy on the “no…

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